Avan Oru Thodarkathai telemovie OST released!

Have you listened to Avan Oru Thodarkathai? Composed by ‘Isai Vendhan’ Jay, the OST is sung by Arulselvan Selvasamy, with additional vocals by Odyssey Vocal and Music Training – Michelle Grace, Subha Nato, Bryen Prakash, Jana & Shankar Kumar. Meanwhile, Alwis provided guitar strumming while additional beats and percussion by Vijendra Vikneswaran. Avan Oru Thodarkathai is recorded and composed at Orange Box Studio.

Set to premier on 17th October 2014 at 10.30pm in Astro Vaanavil, the tele-movie is produced by Seven Hills Productions Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Astro Vannavil. The music video also features Composer Jay alongside the vocalist – Arulselvan Selvasamy, Alvin Martin and the casts and crews involved in making the telemovie. The music video cuts and directions by Manan Subra. Watch it now and let us know what you think! We are lovin’ Arulselvan Selvasamy’s vocals!

avan oru thodarkathai

12 emcees rock in Tamil Anthem!

A fuse of rap and rock – Tamil Anthem featuring 12 young emcees has certainly grabbed our attention! Featuring Bayzee, Vee, Greeny, MC Caburator, Vishen, G Sharp, DJ Sha, Raja Suryah, AK Shoun, Shazz, DDK and DC Diszcate, they have certainly made a terrific job on the track.

tamil anthem
With seamless transitions between each verse and lyrically masterful, the rap rock track – Tamil Anthem is one of the best collaborations to be released recently from our music scene. We are also loving the introduction of another female rapper – DJ Sha which brings the track alive. AK Shoun has done a credible job in the music department – combined with the upbeat music and the amazing vocals – Tamil Anthem is infectious. Adding to that, Muralitheran, the mixing and mastering engineer, has also done a massive job in mastering the track.

Published and produced by Dravidaz, Tamil Anthem also features Tamil hip hop crews from – Faceless, Elisaiyanz, Da Mirror and Crazy Joker – all relatively newcomers.

This is what our music scene needs – talents which keep pushing the boundaries and Tamil Anthem is one example. We wish the best to all those involved in this production, particularly to Dravidaz – who is gearing for their debut music album.



Unakaaga fame Ram Nath whom is currently with Irama Bayu Production has released a poster announcing the release of his very first LP entitled RNB. This is the first time we are hearing from Ram Nath after the release of Saavadi Mixtape which sent in chill waves over the certain tracks that sent its reply to the Unit for its allegation. Ram Nath looks very sharp in the poster. Sony Music South’s involvement also brings in positive vibes to the album. Looking forward.


Interview - D7 Featured

D7 unveils next cover song – a Malaysian track!

d7 handsomeD7 is finally back on the mic – the place where he belongs. After almost a year, D7 is set to blaze the mic with a cover track. What track you ask? It’s none other than Po Nagal Podhume – a track from Pavithra, a yet-to-be-released shortfilm from Soma Kanthan. Originally composed and sung by Neroshen, this cover will be D7’s first after a year and half of lay off. Also, Po Nagal Podhume is beautifully penned by Oviya, who has worked with Karthik Shamalan for MTK.

When asked D7 why is he covering Po Nagal Podhume? The SLY Squad frontman mentioned that he was initially part of the crew for the shortfilm – Pavithra. However, due to his health condition and timeframe, he was unable to commit himself to the project. Hence, in order to make up to it – D7 decided to come up with this idea – by dedicating this cover track to the entire team of Pavithra.

D7 also mentioned that Po Nagal Podhume required him to sing in a high pitch, similar with his previous releases – Kuruvamma, Jokko and most latest – Po Nee Po alongside Shane X’treme. Originally sung by Neroshen Thanaseharan, D7 hopes his cover of Po Nagal Podhume will be able to meet the original standard.

Adding to that, D7 also mentioned that this cover track will introduce 5 new faces – Janisa Dorairaj, Ragu Varan, Katir, Diwakaran and Vanitha who will be responsible for backup hummings. The cover track is recorded at Abraham Records, under the guidance of Boy Radge. D7 also said that Boy Radge has been very supportive of him and has guided him since his early years up to now. The singer from Selayang also thanked Shane X’treme, for believing in his talent and encouraging him to sing.

10486465_10204695535653972_6979861015232173881_nSo, what’s so special about this cover? Well, it’s probably the first time an independent Malaysian artist is covering another Malaysian track. Also, this cover involves an all-Malaysian talent – from the composer, singers, lyricist, instrumentalists, engineers and back up singers too!

On another note – we wish the best to the team behind Pavithra and also, would like to thank D7 for giving us the opportunity to unveil this cover.

Is Roshan Jamrock teaming up with Timbaland?


Frontman of K-Town Clan, Roshan Jamrock, is on the run to win a chance to collaborate with American record producer – Timbaland. Currently with one of the highest votes, let’s support our Malaysian crunkster by voting for him! Roshan has submitted his ‘Give ‘emm the Ughh’ – his own composition for the online competition.

On another note, K Town Clan, the pioneers of crunk music in Malaysia, has been busy in the studio for their second music album after Playground.

Get onto this link and vote for Roshan!


It’s not about supporting your local music scene – it’s about supporting real talents by giving them the right avenues! Vote! Vote!


Arizona’s Mutte Briyani

Arizona Entertainment, which consists of Ganesh, Meera and Ashok, has released their latest track – Mutte Briyani. Penned by Maney Villainz, with Slim Lazer Yd’s kuthu music and Shane X’treme’s melody – Mutte Briyani is a good attempt from the newcomers. Lyrically – it’s entertaining, while the delivery from the singers is also worth highlighting.  Watch the lyrics video and let us know what you think!

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