Suththi Suththi Ponaen

Singer: Babuji Rapperzz –
Artist: Esther.K –
Music: Niroshen PJ –
Female Lead: thukida-…
Cinematography: suman –…
Editing: Sakeeran –
Direction & Screenplay : shenturan-

FS Prod’s Valvin Saavu

Swiss-based music act – FS Prod latest music – Valvin Saavu is an interesting attempt from the young group to narrate the life of a foreigner in a foreign land. Valvin Saavu is definitely based on the Tamil group’s personal experience, dealing with a myriad of circumstances living in a foreign land.

valvin saavu

We are liking the music video, which was edited and directed by Yathees Shan of Intradesign, while the lyrics and music were done by FS Prod themselves – consisting of Mithu, Vinu and Vithi K.

Check out the music video above and let us know.

Prince Dave gears for Africa Tamizhan album

africa tamizhan

Malaysian-born Prince Dave, who is currently signed with Singapore’s Mediacorp is ready to release his debut album come Deepavali. Titled Africa Tamizhan, the album features an array of artists, such as Rabbit. Mac, MC Bullet, OG Dass and many more!

Prince Dave has also noted that the album is set to introduce Tamil Dancehall and a good blend of African music with Tamil dappa koothu. We are excited to see the prospects of this. Checkout the album teaser below!

Neroshen drops Ithu Kadhala

ithu kadhala

Neroshen has released his third single – Ithu Kadhala from his upcoming album – HashtagONE! Another eclectic and dubstep-inspired track, Neroshen is likely to hit the hat-rick with Ithu Kadhala after the massive success of Naan Unnai Kaadhalithaal and Vittu Poonadi.

The music video for Ithu Kadhala is currently in pre-production and we are certainly looking forward to that after the creative visuals of both Naan Unnai Kaadhalithaal and Vittu Poonadi! Ithu Kadhala is penned by Prabu, who certainly has a knack for words, while Neroshen, as always, composes his own song. With his trademark style imprinted on Ithu Kadhala, expect this to be another success when the music video comes out!

Do listen to Neroshen’s Ithu Kadhala and let us know!

Jay S – Mella Mella Teaser

Have you guys checked out Jay. S’ latest teaser – Mella Mella? After the success of Yenggugiren (music video), the same team is working once again to produce Mella Mella. From the teaser, we are liking it’s Disney-like theme – where Jay S plays the prince and Tharshaani stars as the princess, who appears to be caught in a prison cell.

mella mella

After the fascinating visuals in Yenggugiren, the expectations for Mela Mela is definitely high. Good luck to FrequenZ!

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