Arizona’s Mutte Briyani

Arizona Entertainment, which consists of Ganesh, Meera and Ashok, has released their latest track – Mutte Briyani. Penned by Maney Villainz, with Slim Lazer Yd’s kuthu music and Shane X’treme’s melody – Mutte Briyani is a good attempt from the newcomers. Lyrically – it’s entertaining, while the delivery from the singers is also worth highlighting.  Watch the lyrics video and let us know what you think!

10 Talents to Watch in 2014 and beyond

artist to watch out for

2014 has been a year of breakthroughs in the Malaysian Tamil music scene. From amazing comebacks to emergence of new talents, the independent music scene just gets better over time. In this post, we will be featuring 10 fresh and re-emerging talents to watch in 2014 and in the coming months.

10. V-Sha


Not just a radio announcer, V-Sha, Malaysia’s Tamil femcee, is another talent to lookout for in the coming year. Upon releasing her first single, V-licious in late 2011, the female rapper went silent for the past years. It was only in 2014, she re-emerged with IBP Studios, namely for Aruginil’s title track. Through her latest track – Marayavillai featuring Nancy Anne, V-Sha has certainly improved by leaps and bounds from her previous attempts.

9. Shantra


Klang-born rapper, Shantra, is one talent that will certainly shine in the coming months. Even before the grand success of Graamatthu Ponnu, Shantra made his name through his hit singles – Solammal Pogathey and Penney. Nonetheless, it was Graamatthu Ponnu, which has so far hit the million mark, which elevated his name in the music scene. Besides, his recent collaboration with Raj Pirate and Havoc Mathen for En Chellame is an ear-pleasing track that will surely get you hooked on it.

8. Combatz


In 2011, Combatz made their mark on the local scene with their track Sentamizhachi. Fast forward 2014, Combatz is set to release their music album – Munnurai in the coming months. Consisting of Mizter. N, C’tten, Mac Orange and Ver’N, Munnurai is likely to be impressive as Shane X’treme has composed all the songs in the album with Combatz’s lyrical prowess. In addition, their promo track – Nittham Nittham featuring Abieramy is melodiously beautiful. Besides, their cover tracks – Amma and Malai Thesum has also been impressive in terms of lyrical content. Munnurai is certainly one of the independent Tamil music album to keep an eye on this coming year.

7. Raj Pirate


Raj Pirate is no stranger in the Tamil music scene. Started as a hip hop duo under the name Syndicate – Raj Pirate is a classically trained Carnatic singer. Busy with his recent releases, Pirate has a lot to offer to the independent music scene. Having worked closely with Shaman, he has released various singles such as Kumbakonam Mapillai and more. One of the best hits will be definitely Hyper Kavithai featuring Thyivya Kalaiselvan and Shaman. His recent release – En Chellame featuring Shantra and Havoc Mathan is also going viral. Pirate is certainly a talent to lookout for because of his unique blend of traditional and hip hop music.
6. Gowri Arumugam
Her debut single – Yenggugiren has been conquering the radio charts. Although, released a couple of years ago, the track became hugely successful after the music video was released earlier this year. Gowri Arumugam certainly has the calibre and voice to become one of the best female singers in the independent Tamil music scene. Having lend her vocals for Jmal’s debut album, many are anticipating Gowri Arumugam’s own solo album. With the recent success of Yenggugiren, surely there is much more to come from this Frequen Z artist.
5. Dr Sakthi
dr sakthi
Balancing music and medicine, Dr Sakthi isn’t exactly a ‘fresh’ face in the music scene. The medicine man has been thriving in the local music scene for many years now. However, with the Bob Marley-inspired doctor pioneering the Tamil reggae scene in Malaysia, it is only apt we add him in this list. With little talents developing the Tamil reggae music scene, be it in Malaysia or among the Tamil diaspora, Dr Sakthi is certainly the man to lookout for. He has been busy with his album in Starrsound Asia. Also, it is worth noting that Dr Sakthi will be releasing a Malay reggae track, also titled Sempoi – same title with Rabbit Mac’s first release.
4. Thambee Boy
Thambee Boy first burst into the music scene with Railu Vandi featuring PSYCHO.unit’s Sheezay in 2011. The same year, he released his debut album Karuppu Tamizhan with Magnetz. Since then, the Taiping-born rapper has released some famous numbers such as Oru Usi Oru Noolu and Sumbat. His latest work is with Mr 5K for the track – Unnaleythandi. Thambee Boy’s trademark voice makes him recognizable and one of the talents to lookout for in the near future.
3. Havoc Brothers
Since their hit release, Nanbenda in 2010, Havoc Brothers is one of the most consistent music duos based in Malaysia. Adding to that, it is only fair to say that Havoc Brothers is one of the most hardworking talents around. They are constantly challenging themselves with new materials. That aside, Havoc Brothers probably took the biggest risk in their music career when they released Thirunangai, a track on transgenders. Surprisingly, the track was a hit and they eventually built on their success through various hits, namely Cintaku Buta 2.0, Kannaley Kollathey and Sandiyar Kathai. Their recent release – Kadhali featuring the famous Thyivya Kalaiselvan is turning out to be another success.
2. Neroshen Thanaseharan
More of a musician than a singer, Neroshen released back-to-back hits with Naan Unnai Kadhalithal featuring Mista Carey and Vittu Poonadi. Already dubbed as the one of the best talents to emerge this year, Neroshen’s debut album – HashtagONE should be releasing some time this year or early next year. He recently released a video diary of his third single – Ithu Kadhala, which is likely to be on YouTube within weeks. The singer is certainly on a roll and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.
1. Vicanes Jay
Vicanes Jay made an astounding comeback in the independent Malaysian Tamil music scene earlier this year with Adiye Kirukki. The upcoming singer first made his name through Arabu Kuhtirai, a track from Vassan’s movie – Thandava back in 2011. After gaining much success from his latest release, the upcoming singer is now gearing to release his debut album which is slated to be released mid next year.

Tiban set to collaborate with Kollywood fame

Malaysian-based music composer Tiban is ready to take on the independent Tamil music scene with a storm. The eclectic composer recently had the opportunity to collaborate with flamboyant and young singer – Abhay Jodhpurkar, who is famous for his work for AR Rahman’s  Moongil Thootham from the film Kadal.



Along with Abhay, the track, which is titled Kangalai, is also to feature Super Singer Finalist Soundarya Iyer. With Abhay’s melodious vocals and Soundarya’s harmonious voice, Kangalai is sure to be both mind-blowing and poise! Tiban, who has been making melodious hits and radio faves, has been busy working on his solo album which is set to feature a good blend of Tamil artists and musicians from around the global Tamil diaspora community.  The upcoming composer, who has been gaining popularity in Europe among the Tamil community, is slated to release his composer-based album in the coming months. 


V-Sha feat Nancy Anne – Marayavillai

IBP Studios has released Marayavillai, a single from their female rapper, V-Sha, featuring and introducing labelmate Nancy Anne. Without a doubt, the chemistry between the pair is evident throughout the track. V-Sha has certainly improved her skills in Marayavillai – far more composed and toned from her previous single, V-licious.

On another note, Nancy Anne’s melodious vocals come through as both innocent and harmonious. Nonetheless, the credit goes to the genius behind the composition of Marayavillai – CoruzHooks. With a subtle touch of electro and fusion, Marayavillai is CoruzHooks’ best work to date. We believe there is much more to come from the composer, whose previous works can be found in Saavadi mixtape and also his infectious single – Neethane.


SLY Squad drops #OMK

Tha Machanz from Selayang – SLY Squad dropped their latest cover – #OMK, which was way back in June. Sung by C-Snav, AC and Mista Carey, #OMK is a cover of Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty. Recorded and mixed by the multi-talented Tactmatic, #OMK is a totally-out-of-the-box kind of track from the Selayang rappers.

The highlight of the cover is certainly Mista Carey’s verse, in which he perfectly flaunts his Tamil. Anyway, what does #OMK stands for? Let us give you a hint – fermented coconut! Listen and you’ll know!

On another note, while we are so far loving SLY Squad’s covers, such as Po Nee Po, Jokko and Tin Kosong, we are missing their original stuff. Here is a combination that we would like to see – Neroshen on music, SLY Squad on vocals!

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